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Fu-Chest Futon Bed & ZzZ-Chest Cabinet Beds - Low Cost Alternatives to the Murphy Bed

  Comments from ZzZ-Chest Owners    

"While it took 10 weeks to get it, we were most pleased with the service once
it arrived.  Delivery and set-up proceeded smoothly. Our company arrived
the next day and had a good experience, certainly much improved over a
typical hide-a-bed spring mattress. We would certainly recommend this 
to our friends."


Kathleen - Spotsylvania, Va


"The ZzZ-Chest is working great for me. I gives me so much more room in my efficency flat and I sleep very well on the mattress. I'm attaching a few pictures to show how dramatic the difference is in space, utilization and how it fits into the decor.

ZzZ-Chest in city apartment

The mattress is good, very firm... I probably did not factor in that it was sitting on a hard platform when opting for the firmer mattress... But it felt good and I slept very well last night.

I've just redone the flat, so it is very evident how open it (the ZzZ-Chest) makes the small space feel. . . Space is expensive around here so you've got to make the most of it.”

William – Arlington, VA

" I am quite happy with the ZzZ-Chest. It is perfect for small apartments so you probably would do well promoting it in places like New York City.”

Evie – New York, NY

“I actually already have one of these (Fu-Chest) that I purchased from you after the Baltimore Home and Garden Show last year. I use it all the time, my grandchildren love it and it is a major decision when they stay which one gets to use it or the regular bed.”

Jeanne – Hanover, MD

"I purchased the black Ravenswood ZzZ-Chest from you last year and I
love it. . . . .I'm thinking of getting one for my mother's house - she loves mine. . . . "

Kim – Greensboro, NC

“Thought I would show you end result. It really is a beautiful piece. Will be very functional in our den area. . . . All in all I would recommend this piece.”

Bobbie – Tampa, FL
"Please tell me where I can leave you some positive feedback! What website or public forum can I rave about your company on? I sound silly but I'm very serious. You have been super helpful. Your customer service goes above and beyond and I am truly grateful for you! Please let me know!"
Inacent, Oct 2012 – Brooklyn, NY